About HaulerCaller

HaulerCaller was born from the realization that many facilities rely on regular garbage removal services.  Construction sites, factories, industrial plants, and businesses of all sizes generate tons of waste.  Yet the hauling process is inefficient and expensive.

Our visionary, Pat Acomb, saw a better way to optimize garbage removal.  He has devoted his career to keeping the most demanding projects up and running.  He is a California C10 licensed contractor with 20 years of electrical experience and over a dozen years servicing compactors.  As the owner of Industrial Power & Automation, companies throughout Southern California call on him to oversee the operations of their resource intensive projects, factories, or facility requirements.  He is also a recognized expert on variable electric drives (VFDs).

Time and again, Pat has seen the complexities of managing the waste these industrial projects generate.  Garbage is expensive to haul, is difficult to dispose of, may be highly regulated, and can create significant environmental problems.  Disposing of waste too often creates added expense with unneeded labor, fuel, and landfill costs.  Even worse, waiting too long or encountering an unexpected breakdown, and an entire factory could shut down.

Combining his background in electrical engineering, industrial operations, and waste management, Pat created the revolutionary HaulerCaller system.

Waste generating companies throughout the country are now benefiting from this amazing device.  HaulerCaller is inexpensive to own, easy to install, protectively warns of potential waste management issues, and can lead to significant cost savings.

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